Asylumbot was created by deJuristen Gent (theJurists Europe), in cooperation with Lee & Ally and Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen.

Arabic translation coming soon. 

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How does it work?

Basic needs

Ask me where to find food, drink, shelter and clothes. I can also tell you where to get medical and psychological help.

Asylum procedure

Ask me how the asylum procedure works. I know the difference between first and multiple asylum and what it means to receive a negative decision.

Asylum seeker qualification and status

Ask me what subsidiary protection is and what it means to be recognised as an asylum seeker.

Legal documents & assistance

Ask me about the different legal documents. I know the difference between an Annex 11, 25, 26, 26 quater, 26 quinquies, 35 and 39. I know what a convocation is and what an orange card is. Ask me if you need a lawyer and where to find (free) legal assistance.


Ask me when you can apply for family reunification and if your children can go to school.

Dublin Regulation

Ask me about the Dublin Regulation: how the Dublin procedure works, how long it takes, what your rights are, etc.


Ask me what a detention center is, when you will be placed in detention and what your rights are in the detention center.

Work & travel

Ask me if you can work while your application is pending. Ask me if you can travel outside of Belgium.

How does Asylumbot work?

Asylumbot speaks two languages: English and (soon also) Arabic. Don’t be afraid to make language errors. Asylumbot will try to understand what it is you’re saying. Asylumbot covers a wide range of topics, in particular those topics which are of major importance to asylum seekers who have just arrived in Belgium. Always bear in mind you’re talking to a chatbot, with the related technical constraints. Asylumbot can be considered as a first line introductory information channel, trying to guide you towards the next step, rather than offering a comprehensive solution.

If you don’t get a useful answer straight away, try rephrasing, simplifying or generalising your question. Otherwise, Asylumbot might get confused. Sometimes, it’s even better to just give the relevant keywords, instead of formulating your entire question. For example, it’s better to ask ‘Shelter?’ than to say ‘Hi, I’m Rasha and I’m from Syria. I just arrived in Belgium and I’m looking for a place to sleep.’

Caution: We have taken all necessary and reasonable measures to ensure that the information presented on Asylumbot is complete, correct, up-to-date and accurate. We can, however, not give any guarantees with regard to the quality and completeness of the information on Asylumbot.

Should you come across an inaccuracy or incompleteness, feel free to contact us at We take into account the feedback of our users.